Welcome to Prowell Hotels

T- Kitchen

Experience fine dining at its best at our in-house signature restaurant; Peppermint. Run by some of the industries’ best chefs, our restaurant serves up an array of cuisines from across India and China. With a seating capacity of over 50, comfortable seating arrangement and centralised air conditioning, you can be sure to enjoy a great fine dining experience. Be it Mughal or Mandarin, you can be sure to enjoy a palatable meal of flavours from across Asia’s largest subcontinent, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Meeting Room

Spread across over 600 sq/ft, our air-conditioned Meeting Room is ideal to host meetings and conferences. Enjoy a smooth session of brainstorming, discussion, or a cordial meeting at our well-equipped Meeting Room. The space comes with the latest of equipment that include an AV System and a compact podium.

The space is also open to limited customisation when it comes to seating arrangement. Let our staff know prior the event and they’ll gladly make the arrangements.

Gymnasium :   Coming Soon